Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Lush Norwich - Lush Night In 29/03/2016

Hi guys

So on Tuesday 29th March Lush Norwich put on a small event called Lush Night In. The event started at 6.15pm until 8pm. The four Lush Ladies, Claire, Imy, Sara and Lucy made us all feel so welcomed. The night began with a brief introduction from everyone, a sniff of all our favorite Lush products and some background information on the history of Lush. 

Lucy, who is the lady that helped me choose a massage bar back in January (you can read that post here) gave us a demo of the Big Blue bath bomb and explained all about the Seaweed inside the bath bomb. You can also find out the information on the seaweed here. Here is a little pic of the bath bomb once it had finished fizzing away.

We then moved on and started to create the cupcake face mask. After we all took turns to add ingredients and give it a good mix (my mum wowed everyone with her mixing skills) Imy potted the masks and set them aside for us to take home.  

We then moved onto the facial. The Lush ladies gave us two cleansers to try out. Ultrabalm and Ultrabland. The Lush ladies explained about the difference in the products. Sara was talking about the Ultrabalm with such passion that not only did I use it I also ended up purchasing it. I just fell in love with the way it felt on my skin and it smells good enough to eat. My mum tried and purchased the other cleanser Ultrabland.

We also had the chance to try out some toners. I tried one, but I have no idea what one I tried. They all smelt great and I am sure I will end up purchasing one at some point. 

Before we had our shopping time the four Lush ladies treated us all to a face massage using the Full of Grace Serum Bar. Claire was my masseuse and she was great, she made me feel very relaxed and did this really cool tapping thing on my face. We got to keep the half of bar used on us.  I am sure i will buy a serum bar once I have used my sample up. My skin just felt amazing after. Well actually all us ladies ended up saying how amazing our skin felt. 

I ended up buying the Ultrabalm, Bubblegum lip scrub, Sun solid perfume, Hair custard and Aveobath bath bomb.

I wont lie, I have already tried all the products I purchased with the exception of the bath bomb. I will review them in different post otherwise this post would be huge!! 

A massive thank you to, Sara, Claire, Lucy and Imy who made the night so great. 

If your local Lush shop offers event nights then I fully recommend it. I had a 'Lush' night. 

Please do leave your Lush Night in reviews below or any reviews you have blogged about regarding the products mentioned above.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Blogger Beauty Box - February Update

So, today I discovered that my blog has reached over 5000 views!! 

This is a small number to some but to me it is a huge achievement.  I am amazed that you wonderful people have taken the time to read my little creation in this huge blogging world. A massive thank you to you all for taking the time to read what I have to say.

My Blogger Beauty Box - February post has been my most read post to date so I though I would give you a little update on the products I have used from this box. 

Firstly the Mandarin & Chamomile products from JR Naturorganics - These are truly wonderful products.  JR Naturorganics are collaborating and promoting bloggers at the moment which is really lovely to see.  I am yet to take the plunge and join. I guess I will do this once I have more time to develop my little blog.  
I'll be honest and say the Gentle Cleansing Milk isn't really my thing.  It smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling soft but its just not durable enough to get all my make-up off. However, the Hydrating Mist O.M.G!! I could not get enough of this. I was gutted when it ran out.  It is the perfect cleanser for my skin. I used it in the morning all over my face. It is refreshing, leaves my skin hydrated and smelling beautiful. Pay day is fast approaching and I will be purchasing this as a treat to myself. I would like to try the moisturiser in this set but that may have to wait until I have used up the face creams that I currently have. 

Next up is the PureSkin by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics. I get compliments all the time when I wear this on my lips. The product sticks to the areas where you apply it and you do not get any bleeding. Once it has worn off a little your lips will still have a rose tint and the lips remain moisturised the whole time.  This really is a wonderful lip product and if you are willing to splash out then go treat yourself to one of these. So much better for you that other lip sticks that people craze over. 

The Bi Phase Plus Eye Make Up Remover is nice but i wouldn't purchase it. For me I feel as though Nivia  Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover is just as good although a little more greasy.  This product is great for removing stubborn eye make-up with very little product on your cotton pad. So again, if you are looking to purchase a high quality brand of eye make-up remover, you will most certainly get what you pay for with this.  Its great, but just a little out of my price range. 

Finally, onto the last product that I have used from this box. The DHC Mineral Mask this is a great face mask.  I have used it a couple of times. It goes on really thick and drys well, easy to remove and leaves my skin feeling great. As this was a full size tube I cant see that I am going to need to buy this product for a while. I am interested in trying some more of the DHC products though.  If I do I will make sure I let you guys know.

So there you have it. These are the products that I have tried and used in the last month since receiving my box. I didn't purchase the March box for money saving reasons and I think it will be the same for April but I hope to be able to buy the May box. 

Thanks for reading, as always please feel free to leave your blog post links for any  Blogger Beauty Box reviews you have done.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Blogger Beauty Box - February

Hi Guys 

Let me start by saying OMG!! This box though.

So, in January I ordered my first Blogger Beauty Box (link below). I was so impressed at the cost and the quality of products I decided to order the February box too.

I got all this below, including P&P for £10!! That's right 2 sample products and 5 FULL SIZE products. I was so excited when I opened the box to find all these goodies.

Lets start by talking about the Mandarin & Chamomile products from JR Naturorganics. JR Naturorganics is a skin care brand who provide organic and ethical products. As well as the two sample products to try I received a little note inviting me to signup to the website for extra deals and a card explaining about the products I have been sent. I have the Gentle Cleansing Milk which is a cream like texture and Hydrating Mist which is like cleanser, but better.  
I applied a little of both products to the back of my hand and they are both soft and gentle on my skin but the smell is A-MAZ-ING. Not overpowering but strong enough to last on the skin for a couple of hours.  I look forward to looking more into this brand.

Just noticed I didn't take a picture of the Merumaya Bi Phase Plus Eye Make Up Remover. Oops. Anyway, I am not so keen on the smell of this and I am a little concerned that its going to be greasy on my skin. Retails at £14.50 which is a little expensive for me. However, the reviews on the Merumaya website are 5 stars so I will not judge until I try. 

Next up Threads Angle Lashes. These are hand made false eyelashes and come with latex free glue. Light weight and soft to touch, so I guess the aim is for them not to irritate your eyes. Been a long time since I have applied false eyelashes so that's going to be fun when i play with these. They retail at £9 but as I don't use lashes often I can't say if that's a good price or not. 

PureSkin by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics  Now I could be wrong here but I think this is a bespoke shade made for the Blogger Beauty Box. I have a deep rose shade and it is a great match for my skin tone. It leaves a slight tint on your lips once worn off but I don't mind this. Very moisturising and lasted for about 3 hours before I noticed it had started to wear off. Again, another ethical product but I think it retails at £16.99 which is way too expensive for me. 

Madame La La is my next product. This is a very instant tan. I blobbed a little on the back of my hand and it instantly stained. Haha, so I now have a huge brown blob on the back of my hand.  You must use a tan mit with this stuff. It smells like coconut which is better than the horrid smell that tan can leave. It costs £22.99 on superdrugs website. I would buy this again as it smells great and works really well. Cant wait to start using this in the summer.  

Last up is the DHC Mineral Mask . This is a really great mask.  I would post a picture but i look like Princess Fiona (from Shrek) and this is not a look i am willing to show you all. The mask (can't believe I am about to say this) is better well as good as a Lush fresh face mask. It is thick in consistency, smells lovely, left my skin feeling soft and  I cannot believe we got a full size tube. It retail's at £29.00 but I think I would buy this again. Would have to be as a treat though.

So there you have it guys and girls, my Blogger Beauty Box for February.  Overall, this box was a winner as I got so much for my money. I cannot recommend these boxes enough, so if you are a blogger then what are you waiting for.  

Here is the link to my Jan Blogger Box if you fancy a read or want to compare boxes.

If you have reviewed the February Blogger Beauty Box then please feel free to leave your links below. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

January Blogger Beauty Box - What's in the box?

Hi all

Hope you are loving January so far?

Earlier in the month I discovered the blogger Vix Meldrew. Now if you don't follow her on Twitter then you need your head testing! Here is the link to her Twitter go follow her ok!

Vix created the Blogger Beauty Box in June 2015 and after seeing such positive reviews I knew I needed to get my hands on one. 

So here it is: 

The box includes 5 products and costs £10 including P&P. No monthly subscription.

In my January Blogger Beauty box I have:

Two 100ml I love...Bubble bath and Shower Creme. One is Mango and Papaya, the second is Raspberry and Blackberry. You can view their whole range here and you can buy these in 500ml at Superdrug for £2.99. Just from touching the bottles I know these are going to smell amazing.

Next is MUA intense colour lip liner in shade Softly Lined. This is a beautiful soft pink shade and get this the lid has a pencil sharpener. This is a full size product and i am sure this is going to be my go to spring lip liner. You can buy them at Superdrug for £1. no brainier really!!   

The next product I have not 'herd' of before (haha - couldn't help it). Its MooGoo fresh cream deodorant. It is a natural deodorant that is 100% aluminium free. Now I don't know enough about this company to comment on their product but I am excited to try it out. Here is the link to MooGoo website.

My final product is a Red Fruit Cream by Anubis  Barcelona. This is a product used by Spas so i have high hopes. The cream is soft and fast absorbing with a beautiful berry smell. Not sure I will purchase this product in the future but I am looking forward to trying it out.  

So there you have it. All of the wonderful goodies from January Blogger Beauty Box. I will be ordering a Feb box because I am so happy with my January Blogger Beauty Box. I know I will go onto buy the I Love Shower creme and its possible I will buy another MUA lip liner. The product that excites me most is the MooGoo deodorant.

I can't wait to watch the progress of the Blogger Beauty Box. To reserve your Blogger Beauty Box pop over to the Blogger Beauty Box website

If you have reviewed a Blogger Beauty Box then feel free to leave your link below.