Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Life Without Primer... Could you do it?

So this morning I had a massive drama queen moment that I feel  need to share with you all.

If you follow my blog then you may have seen my post about turning our spare room into my beauty room. (If you missed that post you can find it here)

With it being the holidays and all we are having my partner's sister stay over for the next couple of days. This means I am giving her back her bedroom and need to relocate my everyday beauty products. 

In my haste to get ready so I can arrange a new home for my 'stuff' I totally forgot to apply my daily primer!!! 

I can here you all gasping at this horror! 

I just sat there looking at Twitter and thinking how stupid am I! After a poorly worded tweet (which I quickly removed as I made a massive grammatical error) I noted I had a notification to the deleted tweet.  Bex (@bubblybex3 - follow her! she's my hero of the day) tweeted me saying 'turn it into a test day. See how long it lasts'. 

So, within half hour my t zone had gone dry and I can feel my face is no way as soft and smooth as normal. After 3 hours all my foundation and setting powder has sunk into the lines I never knew I had on my forehead and between my brows.  My blusher has gone blotchy too. My eyes are the only thing that still look fine. 

Today I have realised I really do take primer for granted. I can NEVER, EVER, EVER apply make up without this genius creation to the beauty industry. 

Verdict is, foundation is being taken off! I will then apply my primer and go about my day with my normal looking face and not this blotchy, patchy one I created this morning!

I would love to know what primers you love as i am now on a mission to try more. Please leave your primer review links below. 
Have you had any beauty disasters lately that you want to share? I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for reading my disaster. What a drama queen ha ha! I'm off to sort my face out. 

Rosie. Xx

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Beauty haul

So the last couple of days I have felt like doing some spending.  Here is what I have bought -

These products are all from Wilko.  I read a blog post by Paige Beaumont (Blog link) on the Kiss primer and I thought £3 for a primer.  I need this in my life!

So from left to right you have:
3in1 Cleansing Water - £3
Smoothing light reflecting primer - £3
Skin Blemish serum - 95p
Skin soothing eye gel - 95p

Below are my purchases from Tesco and one in Boots. 
I do not normally buy beauty products from Tesco's but they had good offer's so I spent my money.  

(Sorry for this photo - still experimenting!)

Left to right you have:
L'oreal extraordinary oil Shampoo and Conditioner - £1.99 each
Colgate Max White toothpaste - £1
Imperial Leather Invigorating Shower Gel for men (for the BF) - £1 each

Finally my boots purchase was Sensationails new LED one coat cure polish in shade elec-tic or treat - £9.99.

Have you tried any of these products?  What did you think of them?


Saturday, 7 March 2015

My beauty room

A few months ago my partner and I moved house. I have been thinking about turning our second bedroom into my beauty room and today I did just that.

I have thrown out so many old eye shadows and finally sorted my bobby pins / hair grips! (My boyfriend is forever going on about my bobby pins being everywhere.)  

I had loads of boxes from gift sets at Christmas that I couldn't chuck out so for now they have 'stuff' in them.

I have my hair brushes in a Soap and Glory round pot at the back. Next to this is a DKNY perfume gift box which holds all my creams, sprays and Qtips.

In front of the Soap and Glory tub I have two clear glass jars.  The one with a lid holds all my mascara's, eyeliners, lip gloss and lip liners.  This is my bargain jar - £1 from local charity shop. Next to this is a jar full of makeup brushes.  Again another bargain jar - Douwe Egberts coffee jar :D

The taller of the 3 pink jars are candle holders from M&S purchased last Christmas then the small pink Jar is a recent purchase from Primark.  I pulled the labels off before this post so I have no idea of the cost or scent! Lesson learned here as it smells great. I will find out what and how much for you though. 

The small jar with my cotton pads is an old cream jar that I cleaned out. 

In the draw I have used the 2 parts of my birchbox from last month.  These hold all of my blush, shadows and odd makeup pots. In the back is all my bare minerals pots held in the Soap and Glory lid.

Finally in the cupboard I have my nail polishes in my white basket then a mix of new products, minis and travel pots. 

How do you store your makeup? Send me your blog post links.  I am always looking for inspiration. 

Drops of Youth - Wonderblur

So, after reading a review of Wonderblur by Naomi  towards the end of February I though...  Yup I like the sound of that but I cannot spend anymore money this month. I went into my local +The Body Shop UK and spoke to one of the sale assistants. She did the same old sales mode saying how she uses this product everyday (except today though!!) blar, blar, blar! 

The Wonderblur is part of the Drops of Youth Range.  It costs £16 for a 30ml tube. (photo from Body shops website below)

I asked for a sample pot because I am dedicated to my Dr Jart+ primer and lets face it the sales pitch was awful. 

I had enough product to use over 3 days and my thoughts are...
The smell is dull and the texture is odd.  However, it really works.  I applied the product after my moisturiser  and allowed the product to soak before applying my BB cream.  

It works really well with Body Shops BB cream and I found that I didn't need to use any powder to set it.  I got a good 8 hours from initial application and would recommend this if you have normal to dry patchy skin. I would suggest asking a body shop rep or sales assistant to give you a small sample if you have oily skin or very dry skin as i am not sure this would be the right product for you. 

Have you tried this primer before?  What did you think?

Rosie's Beauty xx

Beauty crime committed

So, Friday night and all I wanted to think about was relaxing after a really full on week.

I knew I was not going out today during the day so I have given my face a full  scrub this morning. 

Last night I committed the ultimate sin and used make up wipes!! (I can hear you all shouting. No, why?!)

Well, I like Johnson's Face Care wipes. They don't dry my face out like cheap wipes. So, I used one all over my face, then over my eyes to get my mascara off. I followed this with a quick swipe of Body Shops Aloe Calming Toner and finished off with a generous amount of Superdrugs vitaminE Night Cream. 

Have you committed any beauty crimes this week that you want to confess?  We don't judge over here. :) 

Rosie's beauty. Xx

Thursday, 5 March 2015

The After Bath

Nothing beats getting out the bath and slipping into fresh pjs and a freshly made bed! 
However, before any of that can happen major moisturiseing needs to happen. 

Starting off with my dry legs! Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter. This stuff is so thick I can only use it in winter and only ever on my legs. This will not sink into any other part of my body. No idea why but my legs well they just drink the stuff!! 

I don't really have an all over body cream.  I have been using whatever I find first. Tonight it was Body Shops Shea Body Whip. (I smell great right now) 

On my face I used a little Aloe Calming Toner by body shop then followed by Superdrugs VitaminE Night Cream. 

My hair has been coated with Tame Frizz by KMS California and brushed out with my Tangle Teezer. (I have not brushed my hair fully for the last 3 mornings- nothing is a challenge for this brush) 

Finally, just because a girl can never use enought Soap and Glory I have coated my hands with the Hand Food hand cream. 

What's your after bath go to products? 

Rosie's beauty. Xx

Bath time

I am such a huge fan of a hot deep bath after a long stressful day. 
I absolutely love the mini Champneys Spa Indulgence bath set I got at Christmas. 

They smell great and make my skin feel so soft. 

My legs are really dry at the moment as they have been tucked into boots for so long now. I find a good once a week scrub is essential. Soap and Glory Scrub of your life and exfoliating gloves do the trick. 

For the rest of my body I am starting a new bottle of Nivea. Diamond touch. Not used this before so I am excited to see what it feels and smells like on my skin. 

My hair... Well that's a story for another day!! But I am currently using Loreal Sparkling shampoo set. I'm not sure on this product at the moment but I'm sticking with it until I make up my mind if I like it or not!! 

Have you tried any of these products before? If so what are your thoughts? 

Rosie's beauty 💜 x

Monday, 2 March 2015

24hr Color Tattoo - Maybelline

Ever the optimist I was thinking yeah this is not going to work. All cream shadows crease and rub off within 5hours. However, so many of you bloggers have raved about this product I just had to try it! 

I am so shocked!! It works, it actually works.  The colour that I have is a dark beige with a gold shimmer.  So easy to apply and it has lasted all day, no creasing or wear.  

What a great high street product.  I will be buying more colours in this collection as soon as i get a chance.  

Do you have this product?  If so what do you think to it?  

Thanks for reading - Rosie's Beauty 

Today's beauty products

Today's weather is a little chilly even though the sun is shing bright. 

I have my Soap and Glory Hand Food and my Pixi Shea butter in shade Ripe Raspberry. 

What are your go to products today? 

Rosie's beauty. Xx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

My February Beauty Favourites

So March is upon us and Spring is well and truly on its way. Here are my February Beauty Favourites.

Face products:
DrJart+ is a brand I discovered though Birchbox  This is by far the best primer I have ever had. It leaves my skin so soft and is a great base for my makeup each day. My go to daily makeup products are The Body Shop All in One BB cream, Urban Decay Naked basics 2 pallet and  MUA ProBrow. I am on the hunt for a new daily blush so watch this space!

Hair product:
KMS California Tame Frizz.  This has been great for taming the flyaway hairs as a finishing product or applied to towel dried hair to leave my hair feeling soft.  The smell is just like heaven in a tube! 

Body product:
I was given a DKNY perfume gift set at Christmas and it came with this body lotion. Normally these lotions sit in a draw for a good few months and get thrown out. However, this lotion has a great perfume scent and will last a good 4 to 6 hours. Saves my perfume which is always a winner in my opinion.

Have any of these featured in your favourites? Or would you like to know more?  

I will be happy to answer any questions so please do comment below. 

Thanks for reading - Rosie's Beauty UK


February favourites

Looking forward to posting my review on my February favourites later today. 


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