Saturday, 7 March 2015

Drops of Youth - Wonderblur

So, after reading a review of Wonderblur by Naomi  towards the end of February I though...  Yup I like the sound of that but I cannot spend anymore money this month. I went into my local +The Body Shop UK and spoke to one of the sale assistants. She did the same old sales mode saying how she uses this product everyday (except today though!!) blar, blar, blar! 

The Wonderblur is part of the Drops of Youth Range.  It costs £16 for a 30ml tube. (photo from Body shops website below)

I asked for a sample pot because I am dedicated to my Dr Jart+ primer and lets face it the sales pitch was awful. 

I had enough product to use over 3 days and my thoughts are...
The smell is dull and the texture is odd.  However, it really works.  I applied the product after my moisturiser  and allowed the product to soak before applying my BB cream.  

It works really well with Body Shops BB cream and I found that I didn't need to use any powder to set it.  I got a good 8 hours from initial application and would recommend this if you have normal to dry patchy skin. I would suggest asking a body shop rep or sales assistant to give you a small sample if you have oily skin or very dry skin as i am not sure this would be the right product for you. 

Have you tried this primer before?  What did you think?

Rosie's Beauty xx

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