Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Life Without Primer... Could you do it?

So this morning I had a massive drama queen moment that I feel  need to share with you all.

If you follow my blog then you may have seen my post about turning our spare room into my beauty room. (If you missed that post you can find it here)

With it being the holidays and all we are having my partner's sister stay over for the next couple of days. This means I am giving her back her bedroom and need to relocate my everyday beauty products. 

In my haste to get ready so I can arrange a new home for my 'stuff' I totally forgot to apply my daily primer!!! 

I can here you all gasping at this horror! 

I just sat there looking at Twitter and thinking how stupid am I! After a poorly worded tweet (which I quickly removed as I made a massive grammatical error) I noted I had a notification to the deleted tweet.  Bex (@bubblybex3 - follow her! she's my hero of the day) tweeted me saying 'turn it into a test day. See how long it lasts'. 

So, within half hour my t zone had gone dry and I can feel my face is no way as soft and smooth as normal. After 3 hours all my foundation and setting powder has sunk into the lines I never knew I had on my forehead and between my brows.  My blusher has gone blotchy too. My eyes are the only thing that still look fine. 

Today I have realised I really do take primer for granted. I can NEVER, EVER, EVER apply make up without this genius creation to the beauty industry. 

Verdict is, foundation is being taken off! I will then apply my primer and go about my day with my normal looking face and not this blotchy, patchy one I created this morning!

I would love to know what primers you love as i am now on a mission to try more. Please leave your primer review links below. 
Have you had any beauty disasters lately that you want to share? I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for reading my disaster. What a drama queen ha ha! I'm off to sort my face out. 

Rosie. Xx


  1. I agree with you on this one, my Revlon primer balm is my holy grail - I could never go without it :)

    That fashion freak Mill x

    1. I haven't tried the Revlon primer before. I have seen many good reviews about it though. Maybe another think for the wish list :S
      I will let you know if i get it.
      Rosie x

  2. The drama queen but made me chuckle!
    I hate that feeling when you forget something. I once went out without setting my foundation. With oily skin that's a no no!
    But silver lining, you realised that primers do work :D
    I did a post on mine, http://goo.gl/Kc5N5p I love Porefessional by Benefit :)

    Hope you have a better day now!

    Bex x


    1. I had a real tantrum when I gave in and took it off too. It was like I was a child!
      Ooh no, i am glad i don't have oily skin but i will get random dry patches from time to time so without primer my foundation really highlights these areas.
      They day got a lot better once i fixed it. :)


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  3. I've done that with eye primer before... not a good feeling!



    1. Makes your heart sink! Ha can't believe how much of a wobbler i threw!
      Rosie x

  4. Such an interesting post - I very rarely use any type of primer, but there are certain other beauty products/routines which I wouldn't ever dream of going without - eyebrows, I'm looking at you!

    So interesting to see how different people see different things as an necessity!



    1. Thank you.
      I do have a gap in my eyebrows so i like to full them in but the bf is not a big fan of a bold brow so they get neglected most of the time.

      Thank you for your link, I look forward to taking a look at your blog.

      Rosie x

  5. Oh no dare I admit that I have never used primer .... OK so maybe something I should have in my make up bag?

    1. Ooh no Emma. I just could not do it!
      I do think primer is a lot like mascara. What works for one person may not work for you. I tried to find sample sizes before i commit to buying a highend branded one.
      Let me know if you do end up trying one. :)

      Rosie x