Saturday, 4 April 2015

March empties

Hi Readers,

Hope you are all having a cracking Easter (ha sorry couldn't help it!)

Switching things up a little this month. I have tried quite few new things and apart from the Maybelline colour tattoo eye creams I cannot think of a single thing that's really blown me away. So here are the products I have used up this month. (with the exception of one)  

Product 1. Colgate tooth paste. I am a lady who enjoys a glass or two of red wine and this toothpaste is great for getting rid of that horrid purple colour on my teeth that happens when drinking red wine.

Product 2. Nivea diamond touch. Now I am a massive Nivea fan and I do love a lot of there products. They do or have done a range called happy time which is amazing. But this, not so much.
The smell wasn't that amazing which instantly put me off. It is soft on the skin but I just wasn't that big on it.

Product 3. Nivea again. Double effective makeup remover. This is for eyes but I ended up using it all over my face to remove my makeup. You have to give it a good shake before using it otherwise it can leave a greasy feel over the skin. I have a new cleanser/toner combo but if I see this on offer I'll probably buy it again. 

Product 4. Love that body shop offer minis in their products. I have been using the T-tree cleanser. I am a huge fan of all things body shop and use their All in One BB cream daily.
As mentioned I have changed my skin care a little I have purchased the Vitamin E toner. It's lush and I think I want to invest in more products from this range. 

My last two products are make up related. 
Maybelline mega lash has been my everyday mascara for about a year now. As I have changed over to seventeen 3D mascara i am finally able to bin this.
Maybelline do some really great mascara so I will buy more from them i'm sure.
Last up is Superdrugs BB cream. This is the sneaky addition to the group.  I used this up over summer and have been using body shop BB cream over winter (I do not really wear foundation as I find them to heavy on my skin) so when the summer hits I'll go back to this as it gives a super thin coverage. 

So there you have it. My empties post that is replacing my March favorites post. 

Have you tried these products or do you have any to recommend? 

Please also feel free to leave your links below to your favorites or empties from this month. 


Rosie xx


  1. Oooo I absolutely LOVE the purple version of this toothpaste! Nothing works as well I swear! I love Nivea body stuff too, especially the blue bottled one! I've never seen this one before, but from your review I'll make sure to stay away hehe!
    Hannah x

    1. I love Colgate. Its by far the best toothpaste brand.
      You should try the Happy Time shower cream. it smells like orange sherbet. Mega lush. Better than the one above.
      Rosie x