Sunday, 26 April 2015

#ShareLove - What is it all about?

Hi reader's

How are you all?

Welcome back if you are a regular reader and hello if you are a new reader.

During the month of May my blog will take a different focus.  It is going to be all about you lovely bloggers under the heading #ShareLove

Recently, after taking part in a blogger chat I was introduced to a campaign that Olivia from Dungarees and Donuts has created called #ShareLove.

Inspired by this I put out a tweet asking for blog links to anyone who would like to feature on my blog during May.  I am so happy with the response. Thank you! Watch this space if you sent me your link under the tweet I posted.  If you sent me your link but didn't put it under the Tweet then drop me a DM via twitter I am @rosiesbeautyuk or email me as I don't want you to miss out.

Currently, I have 13 confirmed people who will be featured, one person who I am waiting to hear back from and some blogs I would like to promote myself.

Every day from 1 May 2015 until 30 May 2015 a different blogger will be featured.  The post will include your social media links, your blog link and info about what your blog includes.
31 May will be a favorites type post. Still working out how I will do this though so I am not 100% set on what this will include at this stage.

During the campaign I would like to ask the following from you as a reader:
1. Share the love, if you enjoyed reading the post or discover a new blogger through this then tweet about it using the hash tag #ShareLove
2. Leave your link below in the comment.  I want to really encourage people to share who you are as a blogger
3. Positive comments and support only please! All comments on my blog are moderated before published for this reason.

I am very excited about this and I want you all to be excited with me.


Rosie xXx

(All blog posts during this campaign are my own thoughts unless otherwise specified.  I am doing this #ShareLove as I feel it is important to give something back.  The #ShareLove was started by Olivia see link above.  I am not being paid for this.  If there is anything that is offensive to you please email me direct . Photo in this post is my own. Please do not copy without my knowledge. Thanks)

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