Friday, 15 May 2015

#ShareLove Day 15

Hi everyone

Hope you are all ok?

Yesterday, I published my look back on week two's bloggers and received a comment from a new reader to my blog. It made my day and I feel like this campaign is starting to get the results I wanted to achieve. Woo yay.

I then took  a look at this person's blog and boy am I glad I did.  Enter an impromptu blogger to the campaign.

Hannah from the blog Headlined by Hannah

Hannah started blogging because she suffered and survived a stroke at the age of 18.  This has meant that Hannah has taken an unexpected gap year to recover before she starts Uni.

Hannah has made a list of the things she has wanted to achieve in this year and you can catch the post out here.

What an inspiration this young lady is by tuning this unexpected recovery time into something motivational and productive.

Please do take a read of her blog and give her a little follow on twitter.

Thanks for reading and check back for tomorrow's blogger.

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