Saturday, 12 December 2015

Luck in life

Evening, I just really feel like I need to put my thoughts down in writing. This post isn't aimed any anyone or anything in particular but I just need to... Well I don't know really! I guess look back on how well I have done in my life so far and hope that it gives one other person the boost they need. 

It's my 25th birthday next week and I am super excited. I have lots of lovely meals planned with friends and most importantly the family that means the world to me. I guess that's was triggered this post. 

Gosh, this is harder than I thought... Let's start from the start!

So, I wasn't one of those kids that everything fell in place for. My parents split when I was young, I ended up living in a small village with my mum and life was not the best. However, I learned from an early age that to get by in life you can't allow people to drag you down. It causes stress, depression and makes people do crazy things. 

I don't resent my past, I am thankful that it has giving me strength to prove I can do great things for myself! And I sure as hell have done just that. 

I have got the most amazing boyfriend of nearly 8 years, his family really do hold a huge place in my heart. We own our own home together and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I completed college, I have a stable job and I have all of this because I worked hard for it. 

I have achieved great things in the last few years and I am really proud of the woman I am today. 

Not matter what your background is just always stay true to yourself. People will pass by and the ones that are worth it will stick around. Don't give up or give in and always rase the bar. 

Thank your for taking the time to read my blabbing. If you want to share a successful story of your life then feel free to comment or post your link below. 

Have a wonderful life and be happy. 

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