Saturday, 23 January 2016

January Blogger Beauty Box - What's in the box?

Hi all

Hope you are loving January so far?

Earlier in the month I discovered the blogger Vix Meldrew. Now if you don't follow her on Twitter then you need your head testing! Here is the link to her Twitter go follow her ok!

Vix created the Blogger Beauty Box in June 2015 and after seeing such positive reviews I knew I needed to get my hands on one. 

So here it is: 

The box includes 5 products and costs £10 including P&P. No monthly subscription.

In my January Blogger Beauty box I have:

Two 100ml I love...Bubble bath and Shower Creme. One is Mango and Papaya, the second is Raspberry and Blackberry. You can view their whole range here and you can buy these in 500ml at Superdrug for £2.99. Just from touching the bottles I know these are going to smell amazing.

Next is MUA intense colour lip liner in shade Softly Lined. This is a beautiful soft pink shade and get this the lid has a pencil sharpener. This is a full size product and i am sure this is going to be my go to spring lip liner. You can buy them at Superdrug for £1. no brainier really!!   

The next product I have not 'herd' of before (haha - couldn't help it). Its MooGoo fresh cream deodorant. It is a natural deodorant that is 100% aluminium free. Now I don't know enough about this company to comment on their product but I am excited to try it out. Here is the link to MooGoo website.

My final product is a Red Fruit Cream by Anubis  Barcelona. This is a product used by Spas so i have high hopes. The cream is soft and fast absorbing with a beautiful berry smell. Not sure I will purchase this product in the future but I am looking forward to trying it out.  

So there you have it. All of the wonderful goodies from January Blogger Beauty Box. I will be ordering a Feb box because I am so happy with my January Blogger Beauty Box. I know I will go onto buy the I Love Shower creme and its possible I will buy another MUA lip liner. The product that excites me most is the MooGoo deodorant.

I can't wait to watch the progress of the Blogger Beauty Box. To reserve your Blogger Beauty Box pop over to the Blogger Beauty Box website

If you have reviewed a Blogger Beauty Box then feel free to leave your link below. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lush - Massage Bar from Dusk til Dawn Review

This blog post is all about the Lush Massage Bar - from Dusk til Dawn. 

I have seen many tweets, Instagram pictures and reviews about the Lush Massage Bars I knew I just had to try one out.

I'm lucky as I have a Lush store in my local city. So, I popped in one lunch and asked one of the Lush helpers where the Massage Bars are kept. I was taken straight to the Massage Bars towards the back of the store. 

I really wish I had taken the ladies name because it would be nice to thank her. She gave me her undivided attention and as with all Lush helpers the service was wonderful. 

The Lush lady demonstrated the from Dusk til Dawn Massage Bar on me and gave me a wonderful hand massage at the same time as explaining how Lush source their coco butter.  This story is amazing and I will include the link to the Lush website below so you can find out too. 

We had a chat about the lush products that I enjoyed over Christmas and I even ended up buying Butter Ball as well as Dragon Egg. I had no idea that Butter Ball was for sale and after falling in love with Butter Bear over Christmas I had to pick it up.  

The Lush Massage Bar - from Dusk til Dawn that was used on me had me instantly sold. The strawberry one smells amazing but I could help but feel I had to get this glorious cone of goodness following the demonstration. The small cone is easy to hold and the citrus smell is beautiful. 

I used the Massage Bar in the bath. With the bar in my hand I started to gently apply pressure onto my neck and top of my shoulders. Once I felt as though I had enough product on my skin I put the Massage Bar on the side and gently massaged the area where I had applied the from Dusk til Dawn Bar. I could instantly feel my knotted muscles relaxing. After a few minutes I stopped and moved onto my legs as these can be tight from time to time. Once satisfied with my leg massage, I went back to my neck. The cone shape of the Massage Bar really does help you get into the hard to reach areas as well as being easy to hold. 

My skin did feel ever so greasy after applying the product but I think that was down to the amount of product that I used as well as it being new because it didn't feel this way when I was in the shop. Once out the bath, my skin felt relaxed and soft and not greasy at all. 

Over all, I will certainly be trying more of the Massage Bars and I would highly recommend the from Dusk til Dawn Massage Bar if you have tension build up or tight muscles.

Have you tried any my of the lush massage bars? If so leave your review links below. 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!!

I'd like to start this blog post by wishing you a Happy New Year!! 

2015 has been ok. I have had better years but I have also had much worse. 

When I look back on 2015 I see laziness and not fully appreciating how far I have come in life. I am much better than that so I guess my "resolution" if that's what you want to call it is to just do it. Suck it up and just get on with it!

I feel like I have been putting on a pound or two (or three or four) over the past month or so lately and I don't like it. I therefore need to be the person to eat a little less and exercise a little more. No one is going to do that for me. So I just need to get on with it! 

Blogging, I often think... Ooh that would be good to blog about, then I either don't bother as the time has passed or I forget. I need to make the effort to make a draft post for later or write my idea down but also make sure I go back and publish it. 

So, cheers to you all. Thank you for supporting my little blogging space in the interweb this last year and here's to a new year and making sure I am getting stuff done! 

Have you made a "New Years Resolution" that you would like to share? Leave your link or comment below. X