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Lush Norwich - Lush Night In 29/03/2016

Hi guys

So on Tuesday 29th March Lush Norwich put on a small event called Lush Night In. The event started at 6.15pm until 8pm. The four Lush Ladies, Claire, Imy, Sara and Lucy made us all feel so welcomed. The night began with a brief introduction from everyone, a sniff of all our favorite Lush products and some background information on the history of Lush. 

Lucy, who is the lady that helped me choose a massage bar back in January (you can read that post here) gave us a demo of the Big Blue bath bomb and explained all about the Seaweed inside the bath bomb. You can also find out the information on the seaweed here. Here is a little pic of the bath bomb once it had finished fizzing away.

We then moved on and started to create the cupcake face mask. After we all took turns to add ingredients and give it a good mix (my mum wowed everyone with her mixing skills) Imy potted the masks and set them aside for us to take home.  

We then moved onto the facial. The Lush ladies gave us two cleansers to try out. Ultrabalm and Ultrabland. The Lush ladies explained about the difference in the products. Sara was talking about the Ultrabalm with such passion that not only did I use it I also ended up purchasing it. I just fell in love with the way it felt on my skin and it smells good enough to eat. My mum tried and purchased the other cleanser Ultrabland.

We also had the chance to try out some toners. I tried one, but I have no idea what one I tried. They all smelt great and I am sure I will end up purchasing one at some point. 

Before we had our shopping time the four Lush ladies treated us all to a face massage using the Full of Grace Serum Bar. Claire was my masseuse and she was great, she made me feel very relaxed and did this really cool tapping thing on my face. We got to keep the half of bar used on us.  I am sure i will buy a serum bar once I have used my sample up. My skin just felt amazing after. Well actually all us ladies ended up saying how amazing our skin felt. 

I ended up buying the Ultrabalm, Bubblegum lip scrub, Sun solid perfume, Hair custard and Aveobath bath bomb.

I wont lie, I have already tried all the products I purchased with the exception of the bath bomb. I will review them in different post otherwise this post would be huge!! 

A massive thank you to, Sara, Claire, Lucy and Imy who made the night so great. 

If your local Lush shop offers event nights then I fully recommend it. I had a 'Lush' night. 

Please do leave your Lush Night in reviews below or any reviews you have blogged about regarding the products mentioned above.

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